BFA Thesis Exhibition: ‘Contingencies’ Art Department, Class of 2020

Class of 2020 art student head shots taken by Ellie Wellensiek.

We, the graduating Class of 2020 at Cornish College of the Arts’ Art Department, have adapted our conventional curatorial processes to present this year’s BFA Thesis Exhibition on a virtual platform. As (the future of, changes to) collective physical space remains uncertain, we are readdressing what space is and questioning how its various forms support contingencies for connection. Right now, artists all over the world are relying on impromptu space — from makeshift home studios to virtual thesis exhibitions —  in order to sustain their work and the communities which help to carry them through. This online exhibition, an impromptu space, gives us the opportunity to honor the blood, sweat and tears put into years of hard work.

The work in this exhibition represents a number of triumphs and transformations. These works display an accumulation of knowledge and then some; including work which has been finished at Cornish, work which has been finished (or even started) at home, and work that has yet to be finished. The improvised nature of adaptation has taken much of the work in new directions, and as we collectively learn and unlearn institutional structures in various respects, there is close reconsideration of the terms “finished” and “finale.” 

We invite you to indulge yourself in the magic of each student’s artwork. Here, you’ll find everything from narrative painting and experimental lens-based work, to elaborate printmaking processes and material originally made for installation work. As we emerge from Cornish, we are excited to share, connect, reroute and resolve with an open invitation to the community. 

This exhibition is a remote celebration, holding space until we’re able to share a physical one again.

Please contact each student directly for purchasing inquiries.