Katie Currier

Artist Bio

Katie Currier is a mixed media artist in Seattle, WA. Originally from the industrial Midwest, Katie honors the practical, make-do spirit of the region by acquainting her work with ‘high-art’ and contemporary practices. 

Katie began painting in 2014 under the mentorship of local painter, Diane Culhane. In 2015 she was accepted as the emerging artist for Art In The Pearl in Portland, OR and as juried artist with ArtEast Gallery in Issaquah, WA. Eager to develop her craft on a larger scale and build community, Katie attended Cornish College of the Arts and earned a BFA in Spring of 2020. While a student at Cornish, she participated in several local shows: The Foundations Show, 2017; DIY, 2018; and Platforms of Exchange, 2018/19, a collaborative group show with works and curation composed by Cornish BFA students.

E-mail: k_currier@yahoo.com

Artist Statement

My work explores the limits and implications of systems and grids. By using objects and materials that reference the domestic realm, I construct and arrange scenarios that flirt with conditioned gender roles. Questions of territory, boundaries, power and agency often emerge. I utilize multiple processes to amass resource material for constructing imagery, sculptures and installations.


Vertical Horizons, 2020
mixed media collage 8″x10″
Hold The Line, 2020
upholstery piping, blue tape, spray paint,
Maintenance Hog, 2020
acrylic paint and fabric on wood fencing 24″x30″
Up (Two Ways),’ 2019
foam core, hydrocal and fiberglass tissue
Forever Family, 2019
mixed media, acrylic on canvas
Musical Squares, 2020
mixed media
Craft Bondage, 2018
fabric wrapped clothes line