Squire Simpson

Artist Bio

Squire Simpson was born in Los Angeles, California in 1997. He grew up in Dallas, Texas where he started development in the traditional arts.  During his teenage years, he started making science fiction worlds inspired by the sci-fi/fantasy entertainment industry. He attended almost every annual art contest known as VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Events) and won over five medals throughout his years as a teenage artist.  In 2015, Simpson moved to Seattle and started to create art pieces and design logos for commissioning customers. Today, he continues growing his talents and his images through multi-media materials.

E-mail: simpsonsquire@gmail.com

Artist Statement

For the artist who is into the sci-fi/fantasy style of world-building, there is this special recognition of endless possibilities that come from the personal goal to balance out both of the terms of imagination and reality and make them work together and depict a different world that is either existent or nonexistent. I am constantly thinking about what is reachable to the human hand through the materials, and the content itself. Based on my experience with the mediums of pencil, marker, oil, acrylic, copperplate, illustration boards, all of those alone helped me create a balance of constricted and loose process- from the intense focus of sophisticated lines and shapes that capture the absolute detail of exterior structures, to the freedom of exercising paint stroke after stroke for the natural background- therefore, creating a balance between immense concentration and relaxation. I register myself as a traditional artist who draws, paints, and does printmaking all together.


Warm and Cool, 2018
Oil on canvas. 18″ x 24″
From the Ground Up, 2019
Graphite, colored pencil and marker on paper. 24″ x 18″
Link Between Spacescrapers, 2019
Illustration board drypoint on paper, 24″ x 24″
Vertical Approach, 2019
Illustration board drypoint on paper, 15″ x 22″
Crossing Paths, 2019
Etching on paper, 15″ x 11″
Aquatic Glory, 2019
Graphite, colored pencil and acrylic paint on paper, 18″ x 24″
Embrace the rage, 2020
Etching on paper, 11″ x 15″
Himakkyn Citadel, 2020
Acrylic paint on paper, 18″ x 24″
Trinity (3 panels), 2019
Illustration board drypoint on paper, 30″ x 22″ each
Iguanodon, 2019
Illustration board drypoint and monotype on paper, 15″ x 22″