Nate Haskins

Artist Bio

Nathan Haskins is an artist born in Massachusetts but raised from an early age in the Pacific Northwest. This early change of scenery would prove pivotal in the development of not only the artist as a person but of their artistic development. Mr. Haskins is currently attending Cornish College of the arts aspiring to receive his BFA, which would make him the first in his immediate family to do so. He has exhibited in several shows including the Foundations show, Platforms of exchange 2019 and 2020 as well as the DIY show 2019 and the Closet Gallery Print Exhibition. In his spare time Nathan likes to practice philosophy and examine the impact of the passive influence of social media and big data on the population at large. 

Artist Statement

I am an artist with much work to do. My work sets out to achieve two simple yet massive tasks. First of all, I hope to observe and record the state of life in any way that I am physically able to, whether that be objectively through observation or subjectively through reflecting on emotive reactions and emotional state. Secondly, I hope to discover and unite a group of people willing to undo and chip away that the mounting terrors that await humanity if the way of things remains unchecked. I as an artist find myself with a unique place not only in society but in the history of humanity at large. I have been gifted with the ability to align my perception of the world around me and the ability to perform in a way to express my understanding of this perception through visual means. In my opinion, this is a priceless gift, and considering the times that we as a people are facing, it will prove to be invaluable in the upcoming struggles we shall face. My art has changed distinctly over the years. Most recently, it has evolved from a desire to explain a phenomenon that I have historically been blind to. There are many reasons for my blindness and as such it has taken quite some time for me to peel back the layers of obfuscation hindering my ability to perceive the world around me. My studies as an artist have been an attempt to catalogue and decode the costs of not only my own actions but the efforts of those who hold positions of power to deceive and bewilder the population. This course of action has taken me into the depths of my psyche, and has cost a great deal of spiritual energy. Though I remain resolute in my attempts to explain the wasting of the precious gifts entrusted into each and every soul on Earth, here I stand steadfast in my journey to express the unseen horrors that will continue to plague humanity unless something drastic is made to undo that damage caused by years of indoctrination to a way of life that is beyond reproach.