Germain Mitacc

Artist Bio

Germain Mitacc was born in Ica, Peru and attended Green River College in Auburn, Washington, receiving an Associate in Fine Arts in 2015. He also attended Cornish College of the Arts, receiving his BFA in 2020. While at Cornish, he was gallery assistant in the Art Department, and collaborated on the installation of the work of Chicago-based artist Leonard Suryujaya at Specialist Gallery in Seattle. He also collaborated on the installation of art pieces for artists Karen Gjelsteen and Matthew Smucker at Cornish Playhouse in Seattle, participated in the art auction at Coca Gallery in Seattle, and worked as a volunteer in organizing the Neddy Program at Cornish. He is currently collaborating with independent artist Gary Wortzel on developing new work for an art show in Specialist Gallery.


Artist Statement

My art is about the search of oneself. I use oil painting, pencil and charcoal drawings. I also explore with abstraction. I am influenced by abstract expressionism, German expressionism, surrealism and Dadaism. I try to think in the grotesque side of life. The ugliness of how people treat each other. I want to let my mind free from all the things that stress or depress me. I want to express all these deep dark emotions. These emotions that kept me blind, indifferent to what was going on around me. It is through painting that I can express these emotions. It is a search for the truth, my own truth.


Deity of Demons, 2020
Spray paint, acrylic paint on cardboard, 40″ x 30″ 
Disillusioned Truth, 2018
Oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″
In Exile, 2020
Oil on canvas, 16″ x 12″
In Search Of, 2020
Spray paint, acrylic paint on cardboard, 40″ x 27″
Mystical Lines, 2019
Oil on canvas 24″ x 16″
The Portal, 2019
Oil on canvas, 12″ x 12″