Jae Muñoz

Artist Bio

Jae Muñoz was born in Portland Oregon, but grew up in Everett, Washington. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington, recently receiving her BFA at Cornish College of the Arts in 2020. Exhibiting her triptych piece in the Foundations Show in 2016, she was also a visiting artist at the Schack Art Center during Alfredo Arreguin’s Over the Rainbow Exhibition in 2017. She performed at the Chihuly ‘s Garden of Glass 50th Anniversary (2017) and continued to explore performance in a collaborative show Through Multiple Vessels (2017). e(2019). In 2019, Jae assisted with installation and prepping for DIY Show,  a collaborative show put on by the juniors and sophomore art students at Cornish College of the Arts, and later was a part of While Supplies Last, established by Anthony White, managing and packaging all the pieces that were sold. That same summer, Jae got accepted to a month-long residency and group show at NYAA (New York Academy of Art) Summer Residency, NY, where she made pieces that then led to her recent BFA work. Shortly after coming back, she joined the group collaboration of Leonard Suryajaya’s Is It Time Yet, in the fall of 2019. She endured a three hour performance called Sana Sana Colita de Rana, (2019), Relics, a group show led by juniors and senior art students that invited one to reflect over significant events and the items we draw or have strong emotions towards.

E-mail: jessica.munoz@arts.cornish.edu

Artist Statement

In my work I  expand on the continuation of self and the structure of the personal narrative  as a way of processing cultural changes and bringing back the topic of communication. I explore the structures and foundations of paintings as traditional ways of what some have grown up with. Within the structure of Home,  I am constantly questioning, “What do we do spiritually to ground or heal ourselves, and what has changed or stayed the same?” I challenge, or more so, broaden the horizon by building on top of the frames to allow viewers into discussion/participation of their own personal cultural structures of Home.


Deseos, 2020
Oil stick, oil on paper, 12″ x 10.5″
Pillar, 2020
Oil stick, oil on paper, 16″ x 14″
Hogar, 2020,
Oil stick, oil on paper, 19″ x 17″